Biden Gaslights Americans About His Mistakes, Ted Cruz Steps In With The Facts

Republican Senator Ted Cruz slammed Democrats on the Senate floor this Thursday, saying it was “a calculated and cynical lie” that anyone other than Democrats is trying to defund the police.

“I rise today to talk about facts. Recently, Fox reporter Peter Doocy asked Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki about a White House official’s assertion that conservatives have defunded the police by not passing Biden’s terrible $1.9 trillion stimulus plan,” Cruz began his comments.

“Psaki doubled down on the assertion that it is Republicans and not Democrats who wish to defund the police. When a presidential press secretary gives a briefing, you know there will be some spin, you expect some verbal weaving if the topic is not good for the administration. But when Psaki attempted to blame Republicans for defunding the police, it was not a spin. It was horse crap, it was gaslighting Americans,” Cruz added.

Cruz proceeded to give examples of Democratic attempts to defund the police, stating that, “For more than a year, Democrats and liberal activists have been pushing over and over again for the defunding of police, and many DNC-led city councils and Dem mayors have done this, lowering and even cutting police budgets.”

The senator went on, “As a result of these reckless policies, we are witnessing a deeply troubling wave of violent crime in cities across the nation.”

“The top White House spokesperson saying that Republicans are to blame for defunding the police is akin to an arsonist coming to a fire and blaming the firefighters. It’s like the Chinese government blaming America for their covid. It’s crazy and ridiculous. And Democrats understand this.”

Some of Ted Cruz’s examples include the ,,“murders in LA went up by 36 percent, and homicides in Portland increased over 82 percent and Minneapolis saw an almost 72 percent increase last year. And by all appearances, these spikes will keep going throughout this year.

“Just a few weeks back, Democrats show that they can not learn from their terrible failure of other cities that remove the police and had homicides go up. What did they do in California? The council voted to remove over $18 million from the police dept.. And Oakland has seen a 90 percent increase in murders over the past year.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire