Biden Gears Up To Send ‘Vaccination Agents’ To Your Door

President Joe Biden and other officials in the White House delivered a threat on Tuesday which left many concerned about the path the U.S. is headed.

Biden and his administration said the federal government will start to target nonvaccinated Americans via door-to-door outreach in an effort to force as many people to get the jab as possible.

Biden, who has failed thus far in nearly every aspect of his presidency, seems to be renewing his push for Americans to get vaccinated as a so-called “Delta” variant of COVID-19 is being used to pump fear of the virus back into the mainstream media.

“Do it now,” said Biden during a White House press conference, referring to getting vaccinated.

The president said that people will be “knocking on doors” to get “help to the remaining people” who aren’t vaccinated. It’s part of a community outreach program, he said, that is being set up.

Biden also spoke about how his administration plans to make the vaccine available in more healthcare settings.

Those initiatives include providing more assistance to thousands of pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and other medical facilities so they can distribute vaccines, Biden said. Vaccines will also be pumped at sporting events, summer events, and religious activities, he added.

“We’re intensifying efforts to meet people out where they are,” the president admitted.

Younger Americans, Biden complained, seem particularly reluctant to get the vaccine. Not surprisingly, the president attempted to suggest that these young Americans are somehow more at risk of contracting the Delta variant and that the strain is responsible for most new COVID-19 cases.

“Seems to me, it should cause everyone to think twice,” Biden said.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki also spoke of the administration’s new door-to-door efforts.

The administration will first target communities with lower vaccination rates, she added. The door-to-door outreach efforts will get information about vaccines to people who haven’t received them yet.

The plan comes after the White House fell shy of its self-imposed July 4 deadline to get 70 percent of American adults at least one vaccination shot. According to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 67 percent of American adults have received at least one shot and more than 157 million are fully vaccinated.

“You don’t just give up just because you haven’t reached every single person,” Psaki told reporters. “We’re going to continue to apply where we, what we’ve seen have been the best practices over the past several months.”

The teams deployed by the White House will be composed of officials from the CDC, the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), and other federal health agencies, Biden said.

The president was blasted online for the tyrant-like plan to go door-to-door and intimidate Americans into getting vaccinated.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw said, “How about don’t knock on my door. You’re not my parents. You’re the government. Make the vaccine available, and let people be free to choose. Why is that concept so hard for the left?”

Actor James Woods referenced Hitler’s Gestapo, who acted as Secret Police for Nazi Germany, asking: “Will you be wearing armbands?”

Washington Free Beacon Executive Editor Brent Scher said, “Yup, door to door government agents def will calm the nerves of vaccine skeptics.”

Former Acting Deputy Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli added, “Ummm… wait a minute… the federal government is keeping track of who is vaccinated and who is not (or will be via asking door to door)? I thought this was happening through healthcare facilities… you know, that keep medical history private? Very high creepy rating…”

Author: Marco Slicker