Biden Gets An Unruly Surprise At The Annual Congressional Baseball Game

President Joe Biden has quickly become one of the most hated presidents in the nation’s history – and American citizens are showing just how displeased they are with him every chance they get.

As every aspect of the Biden presidency seems to be crumbling, he decided to make a surprise appearance at the annual congressional baseball game at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. but his reception was not exactly what he had hoped for.

A pool report from a White House correspondent attempted to claim that the president was met mostly with cheers while admitting there were “a few boos,” but a video posted to Twitter told a different story about the interaction, revealing that the president’s surprise appearance was rained on by a heavy chorus of boos.

“Some activists displayed banners urging the passage of the larger spending bill. One read, ‘Our lives are not a game. Pass 3.5T.’ Another warned, more bluntly: ‘Democrats don’t f— this up,’” said the New York Post.

Biden eventually headed over to the third base dugout, where he chatted with members of the Democratic team. “Before the bottom of the third, the president crossed the field and greeted Republican lawmakers in the first base dugout. Biden left the park about an hour after he arrived,” the Post said.

“The fact that Joe Biden has time to go to the Congressional baseball game but not time to take questions on Afghanistan or see the humanitarian crisis at the border is a disgrace. #DoYourJob #StrikingOut,” Nikki Haley, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, wrote on Twitter as she blasted the president’s outing.

President Biden’s approval rating across a range of key issues has recently cratered as the president proves himself to be utterly incapable of doing anything right.

Most notably, the president has fallen out of favor with independents on major topics such as COVID-19.

According to a new ABC News/Ipsos poll released Wednesday Biden is struggling to increase support on a number of key issues, from immigration to Coronavirus.

On his handling of the virus, the president saw a 15-point drop from the support he saw in March.

The trend is similar on other issues, such as infrastructure where “his standing on the economic recovery is nine points lower over the same time period,” according to the survey.

Biden’s approval on immigration is much more dire, as one-third approve of his handling of the situation on the Southern border. Similarly, only 38 percent approve of his handling of Afghanistan — a 17 point drop since July.

Additionally, 38 percent approve of his handling of gun violence, and 43 percent, overall, approve of his handling on crime.

The general decline in support, the survey found, is “mainly driven by a decrease in support from independents.”

Its worth noting that the survey is typically a Democrat leaning one which tends to deliver them more favorable results and the president’s approval numbers on those key topics are likely much worse than even that report would have you believe.

Author: Carlos Drayson