Biden Goes Full Dictator In a Desperate Attempt To Cover His Behind

The Biden team is convinced that all it will take to rejuvenate President Biden’s failing poll numbers is for him to defeat covid-19 by doubling down on his coronavirus policies, but this strategy might prove to be very disastrous.

“Biden’s team sees the pandemic as the fundamental cause of both the country’s malaise and his own political problems. Finally dealing with COVID-19, the White House thinks, is the skeleton key to rejuvenating the nation and reviving Joe Biden’s own standing,” the AP said Saturday.

But his critics say that the true fundamental causes of his bad polling numbers are his policy choices and his rhetoric.

The president has pushed anti-white education programs and policymaking, has attempted to force authoritarian mandates against businesses, has shamed the unvaccinated, has stopped pipelines, has attacked the fossil fuel sector, has bungled the withdrawal of United States troops from Afghanistan and allowed America’s southern border to get overwhelmed, to name only a few choices.

If anything, some critics say that him doubling down on these policies — especially COVID mandates — will prove to be his finale demise.

The fact is that because of the widespread distribution of the covid vaccine, hospitalizations and deaths are relatively low.

But rather than back away from the pandemic and allow Americans to go back to normal, the president and his federal and state allies keep doubling down on their restrictions that hurt normal working class Americans.

Just last week the White House asked the United States Court of Appeals in the Sixth Circuit to reverse an order banning them from going forward with their vaccine mandate.

That mandate caused a stunning amount of resignations across the nation, including among police officers and first responders. Yet the president has dismissed those terminations as collateral damage.

“Let us be clear … when you read headlines and reports of firings and hundreds of Americans losing their jobs, remember the bigger story,” he said during his speech back in Oct.

He thinks that Americans losing their jobs is a price worth paying to help the population into getting vaccinated. This vaccination obsession stems from the mistaken idea that if enough Americans get vaccinated, the covid-19 will stop spreading and disappear like small pox.

Author: Steven Sinclaire