Biden Goes Off Script — White House Kills Feed To Save Him

Biden’s inability to control himself has turned more and more obvious over the past seven-plus months of his white house stay. In what is almost certainly a sign of his declining mental health, the president has had many angry outbursts and weird moments since entering office. Today there was a scene of another awkward moment that went over the line into being completely offensive.

While speaking about cybersecurity — because there is apparently nothing more important happening — NBC’s Peter Alexander asked Joe Biden about what will happen to Americans who still remain in Afghanistan after the 8/31 date.

That’s when the White House silenced the audio feed from Biden to obscure his answer.

Luckily, there was a radio pooler there who was recording audio and we know what Joe Biden said. Per Alexander and numerous other reporters and officials in the room, Biden actually joked about the Americans left behind in the collapse, war-torn country, and smiled as he did so.

You can now see why they shut off his audio.

Imagine this were Trump (or really any conservative) joking about Americans getting trapped behind enemy lines because of a situation of his own design. I don’t believe I’m exaggerating by predicting it would be a one month or longer news event like the fake Russian bounty story. There would be mental health “experts” on CNN reporting he is not fit for office.

But since this is Democrat Joe Biden, no one says a thing. It’s the biggest double standard in politics.

This is a very serious and deadly situation. It’s not funny to discount the suffering by making jokes at reporters with these kinds of remarks instead of simply answering easy questions. It’s not a joke, and the fact that Joe Biden is treating as one is additional evidence that he is not qualified to have office.

Let’s keep attention on the fact that Biden’s handlers simply cannot protect him anymore. They attempted to cut his audio but the president’s comments got out anyway. Biden might not be in control of his White House, but those who are don’t have him in their complete control. His mental state is turning into a big liability, with the President being five hours late for his news conference yesterday only to show up looking half-alive being just one of the newest examples.

Author: Steven Sinclaire