Biden Hits Rock Bottom — Even Blue States Hate Him Now

President Biden’s numbers have continued to fall.

Now, even the Democrat pollster John Zogby is reporting there is a huge issue for him. “Right now, he is in trouble,” Zogby stated.

Biden has had more terrible polls this week — the Pew and Gallup — which reveal double-digit decreases in approval and Joe Biden in terrible shape. The Pew survey also revealed that Biden was losing his support with hispanic and black voters as well.

Biden lost 18 points in approval among black voters in the past two months, 16 points from Hispanics, 14 points from Asians, but just eight points from white Americans.

President Biden’s approval is now 44-53 in the fresh poll from Pew. The President was 55-43 in their July poll, so this is a fall of 21 points in only two months. This comes after yesterday’s Gallup poll which revealed his approval at only 43 instead of 53.

Pew also discovered the same issue for Joe Biden that we previously spoke about from a Fox poll — with most voters finding him not mentally able to hold the office.

On top of that, there is a third poll done by Rasmussen revealing that in a rematch election, President Trump would defeat Biden by 10 points, and that around 1 in 5 Dems would now be Trump voters.

“Donald Trump could possibly come out ahead. The issue now is will Biden come back, which is possible, but it is really challenging since he is on the defensive on a lot of topics. There is a big element here of buyer’s remorse,” Zogby said. “Nothing is going well for him,” he said “And he cannot have many more bad weeks.”

Zogby rated Biden with a “D” for the week.

On top of all this, even in the deep blue state of Minnesota — the one state who voted for a Democrat when Reagan had his 49-1 state landslide — Biden appears to be in deep trouble.

In a survey of 800 voters between Sept. 13 to 15, the latest Star Tribune Poll revealed how much Biden has fallen – 51% disapproved of his performance while just 47% approved. This is also a survey that is weighted toward Dems — with 37% Democrats, 31% GOPers, and 32% independents participating.

Remember that Biden won Minnesota by a lot, with a seven point win over Trump, so to have this much of a swing to disapproval has to be causing the Biden folks to go crazy behind the scenes.

Author: Steven Sinclaire