Biden Insults Every American Soldier In One Ridiculous Tweet

President Biden did not speak about the anniversary of D-Day this Sunday, deciding instead to post a video meeting with survivors of the 1921 Massacre.

“I met with Tulsa Massacre survivors this week to help stop the silence. Because wounds deepen in silence. And remembrance is the only way to heal wounds,” Biden tweeted.

At this time, none of Biden’s social media accounts had mentioned the D-Day landing to defeat the Nazis.

Which is strange given his racially-focused administration. You would think he and his team of far-lefters would be keen on honoring the men who fought and died to stop nazism.

But instead, his focus is on the modern day “nazism” of the modern white Trump supporter. He is busy ramping up anti-white hatred and his anti-white narrative to bring about more extreme social changes.

God only knows what he has planned for this 1921 massacre narrative.

In May of last year, Biden came under fire for confusing D-Day and Pearl Harbor. As Fox News said:

“Biden’s campaign denied that he had confused D-Day with the date of Pearl Harbor Day during his fundraiser.”

“During a discussion with Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, Biden seemed to change the June 6 anniversary of D-day with the Dec. 7 anniversary of Pearl Harbor.”

“Biden said that Delaware had ,,“declared our independence on Dec. the 7th. And it is not only D-Day.”

“Biden’s team said he as referring to “Delaware Day,” but the state webpage did not show Delaware Day as being ever mentioned as “D-Day.”

VP Kamala Harris did tweet about D-Day this Sunday, saying that, “On the anniversary of D-Day, we honor the men who stormed Normandy and liberated the continent. We will not forget their sacrifice.”

Author: Scott Dowdy