Biden Insults Every American With This Bizarre Comment

President Joe Biden dismissed a journalist’s question about a foreign policy question about Ethiopia during a briefing this Tuesday to talk about raising the debt ceiling since he said it would lead to “confusion” among Americans.

The journalist said he wanted to ask Biden about raising the ceiling, in which GOP leaders have said they won’t join Democrats in, but also wished to ask Biden something about the east African nation, which is near where the United States and China have military bases.

“I will answer one, let’s stick to the debt so we don’t confuse the American public,” Biden responded to the reporter.

It is not clear what the journalist’s question was about Ethiopia, but in mid-Sept., Biden enacted an executive order “authorizing sanctions against people involved in perpetrating the continuing conflict in Ethiopia as news of atrocities continue to come from the Tigray region,” CNN said.

At this time, Sec. of State Antony Blinken stated that “absent concrete progress toward a ceasefire and an end to the abuses — and unhindered humanitarian access to Ethiopian citizens who are suffering — the U.S. will designate specific organizations, leaders and entities under this new sanctions regime.”

Biden said that “the continuing conflict in northern Ethiopia is a tragedy leading to immense human suffering and harms the unity of the Ethiopian nation.”

“The U.S. is determined to push for a resolution to this conflict, and we will give complete support to those leading these ceasefire efforts,” he said, continuing to say later one that he was “appalled by the news of mass rape, murder and other sexual violence against civilian populations.”

During his talk, Biden blamed the GOP for refusing to join with Democrats to increase the debt ceiling, which he said was inappropriate since the debt increased by $8 trillion under President Trump’s term and Dems joined with the GOP during those years to increase it multiple times.

“The reason we have to boost the debt limit is, partly, because of the reckless spending policies under the past Trump administration,” Biden said. “In four years, they had almost $8 trillion new spending.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire