Biden Lets The Taliban Know Just How Weak He Really Is

The Biden admin. is giving feelers to the approaching Taliban begging them to not attack our embassy in Kabul and are giving foreign aid as a possible bribe.

It’s a fitting way for our involvement in the “Forever War” to end with the U.S. bartering with the enemy for a secure exit.

The Biden White House is already urging the Americans that are there who are not government workers to get out while the they can.

There are 1,400 Americans in the billion-dollar embassy in the country and the Biden White House would like to avoid a Saigon experience where videos and photos showing the evacuation from the U.S. embassy show people hanging out of helicopters trying to escape. The images made a big mark on many Americans of the generation.

That won’t happen if Biden and the Americans can throw a few billion in aid at the Taliban.

From the NY Times:

“American diplomats are attempting to decide how soon they can evacuate the Embassy should the Taliban want destruction more than a détente. On Thursday, the embassy pushed all Americans who were not government workers to leave the country immediately on commercial flights.”

“Biden admin. officials insist that there are not immediate plans to greatly lower the staff of 4,000 people, including around 1,400 Americans, as U.S. troops make their withdrawal from the nation.”

Reports from Afghanistan seem to show that the Taliban will not be very cooperative when they reach Kabul. Taliban fighters are supposedly executing the surrendering Afghan troops. So the United States Embassy tweeted about it.

Biden is having diplomats spread out across the world searching for allies who will help the United States in forcing the Taliban to negotiate with the Afghan government to allow for a peaceful power transfer.

There does not appear to be many supporters.

There should be no illusions. The Taliban are fanatical Muslim extremists who do not give a fig what the world thinks of them. They have been isolated and alone before. They will do it again if they believe it is OK with Allah.

The United States involvement in the country is not going to end well. About our best hope is that there will not be a bloodbath.

Author: Steven Sinclaire