Biden Makes a Bizarre Speech About America’s Future

President Biden passed the Coronavirus Hate Crimes Act this week, criticizing Americans as being racist and complicit in racism.

During the signing ceremony, President Biden celebrated America’s diversity, pointing out that the nation was founded on a document.

“We are unique among other nations because we are founded on a document — not an ethnicity, a geography, but a document,” Biden said. “Think about it, we are a product of a document.”

Biden signed the bill during the ceremony with numerous Democrats who successfully passed the law.

The president then condemned Americans for being silent as “hatred rises” in their nation.

“Every time we are silent. Every time we allow hate to grow, you make a mockery of who we are as a country,” he said. “I mean that literally.”

Biden asked Americans to understand that deep hatred that still exists in America and asked everyone to speak out.

“I mean this with my heart, hate must be given no safe place in America. No safe place. This can’t be dismissed,” he said.

VP Kamala Harris also gave her thoughts at the signing event.

“This violence did not come out of nowhere and this is not new,” she said.

Harris claimed she faced hate during her career in public office, and even within the executive branch.

“Racism is still in America. Islamaphobia, Anti-semitism, Islamaphobia, transphobia, homophobia, it is all still here,” she said. “And so we must work to solve the injustice wherever it is.”

Author: Scott Dowdy