Biden Makes a Mistake He Can Never Come Back From

GOP Senator Tom Cotton (Ark.) targeted Biden’s choice to lead the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ by saying she will radically change the agency. During a hearing for Kristen Clarke this week, Cotton accused her of “jumping to conclusions” against officers using force to guard themselves or others.

The senator also argued that officers are among the last to use force, especially when it ends in death. Cotton said the country’s law enforcement should fear DOJ prosecutions if Clarke is sworn in as its leader.

“You will have the power of the government behind you., Senator Cotton said. “And based upon your comments and pattern of jumping to conclusions without evidence, police should be horrified that the DOJ will jump to a conclusion when they make a split-second choice to protect themselves or defend law-abiding people.”

If sworn into office, Clarke will be the first African-American and the first woman to head the Civil Rights Division.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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