Biden Makes Another Humiliating Mental Gaffe — What Year Is It Again?

If it is a day that ends with “y,” it’s almost certain to be one that President Joe Biden made a gaffe during his public comments. The fresh year has not given any relief to Joe Biden as he supposedly forgot which year it was during his event with team members of his Coronavirus Response Team who were discussing the Omicron covid variant.

Nothing gives confidence from a president who pledged he would “stop the virus” as the U.S. sets a worldwide record of over one million new covid cases like Joe Biden — believing he is living two years behind in the past.

Watch it for yourself:

If he had stated “2021,” that would be understandable because we are only four days into this new year. But it has not been 2020 for a hundreds of days. A time frame in which Joe Biden handed Afghanistan over to the Taliban, saw inflation reach generational and maybe even all-time highs, and stood by as our supply chain was destroyed.

So it is 2022, but the president stated that it was 2020, and sadly it is unsurprising that he is mixing his thoughts and words and everything else. I mean, just over one week ago he went along with the anti-Biden phrase “Let’s go Brandon.”

Biden’s comments were given from a fake White House set close to the real White House. The one that has fake windows that reveal a nice scene outside the house, but have before been altered to show transport ships… which have not at all been visible in that spot since the Washington Canal was filled in during the late 19th century and was changed into Constitution Avenue.

Like his fake White House set and its fictional window views, President Joe Biden is starting 2022 as just an illusion of a leader who is capable of governing, dealing with crises, or being able to speak about his agenda — or the correct year in which he is living — clearly.

It’s not only Joe Biden with the cringe-worthy public moments, it is a symptom of being in the Biden White House at this point. So, since Joe Biden apparently does not remember the past year, let’s take a look at the “highlights” of the Joe Biden White House in 2021, as compiled by conservative journalists:

Author: Blake Ambrose