Biden Official Shares Edited Coronavirus Video, Quickly Regrets It

White House deputy media secretary Andrew Bates shared what was called a “deceptively edited video” of a Fox News’ report about the FDA’s approval of the covid vaccine.

And while Bates would end up rushing to undo this dirty deed, a worse aspect of the story might be that the Biden White House is being influenced by such unhinged liberal zealots like Molly Jong-Fast.

The segment of concern was from Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” with the host Dana Perino asking about if the approval process went too fast, before allowing the guest Brett Giroir to answer her question.

The former assistant sec. for health in the Trump White House did not the process was pushed too fast and gave the coronavirus vaccine a full endorsement.

“What this means is that we know the benefit and the harms and this vaccine is effective and Americans should feel confident and good about getting the vaccine,” Giroir stated.

“The vaccine is completely approved,” he added, “and I am hopeful this will push Americans to go get the vaccine. It is our best protection apart from natural immunity against deaths and hospitalizations especially now that delta is sweeping across the country.”

Lis Power, the director from far-left Media Matters, initially published the the opening 12 second video of Perino asking if the vaccine approval process was hastened, which is very deceptively edited.

While she did share a longer video of the interview, to include Giroir’s reply, along with the comment that, “That does not get around the fact that the framing was ‘critics asking if it was rushed,’” it was the original tweet that got the most social media attention, to include Biden official Jong-Fast saying: “Rupert Murdoch did not think it was rushed. He got the vaccine in Dec.”

To give him credit, the Biden official replied to a Mediaite story stressing that the video was “deceptively edited,” to report that he “undid the retweet.”

So all is well? Not really.

Washington Post journalist Jeremy Barr entered the picture, and while one may expect he was working interference for Media Matters — a George Soros supported entity — he was actually covering his own butt, because he shared the 12-second video earlier.

Barr had a good replied in a tweet that had a screenshot of the Mediaite report.

He would also say in another tweet: “The worry is what Dana Perino stated, not what her guest replied…”

Of course, Perino asked the question and invited on a guest to answer her question.

Even though he admitted his error, Bates was still slammed by social media users for depending on Media Matters for his information:

Author: Blake Ambrose