Biden Orders Creation Of Terrifying New Council

President Biden has formed a far-left gender policy council within his White House as part of his executive orders which he signed Monday.

In his statement, Biden said: “In our country, as in all countries, women have pushed for justice, broken barriers, built and maintained economies, helped communities through crisis, and served with dignity. They have often done so while being kept from the freedom and equal opportunity that all women are due.”

The council’s goal is to work across domestic and foreign policy to combat discrimination and bias, boost economic security, increase health care access, and advance equality through trade, defense and diplomacy.

“The global problems we now face have made clear the contributions of women and the problems facing women,” VP Kamala Harris said in her comments to the European Parliament. “If we create a world that works for women, our countries will all be stronger and safer.”

Biden’s second order requests that the Education Department re-examine Trump’s policies on Title IX, the law that determines how sex-based discrimination in schools is dealt with. According to officials, the goal is to guarantee that students are “free of sexual violence.”

Trump also put forward rules which, among other things, said transgender students could not use the bathroom consistent with their reported gender identities. 

Biden’s EO directs the agency to ensure all policies connected to Title IX are in line with the plans of the Biden administration, the official said.

“President Biden knows we need a wider focus on increasing the rights of women in America and around the world, restoring this nation as the champion of gender equity,” said one official.

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