Biden Overcome With Christmas Cheer: Rethinks His Ridiculous Policies

New rules revealed by the Biden White House will extend the deadline for workers to get the vaccine per requirements by the government. Under this announcement, workers can wait on their vaccines until after the new year.

The deadline for federal employees will be January 4, White House officials said to the media, alleviating worries about worker shortages if mandates happened before the holidays. The previously stated deadline of December 8 for contractors worried companies about possible labor shortages before the holidays coinciding with long shipping delays during Christmas shopping.

The new rules will apply to 100 million Americans — about two-thirds of the current workforce. The OSHA mandate is for any private company with over 100 employees, which federal officials say covers around 84 million people, and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services guidelines force healthcare workers at Medicare and Medicaid supporting facilities to be completely vaccinated, affecting around 17 million workers at 76,000 locations. The CMS rules are for nonclinical and clinical employees, trainees, students and volunteers. That is in addition to federal workers and contractors.

President Biden gave a comment on Thursday morning defending his move.

“For our nation, the choice is easy: get more Americans vaccinated, or prolong this virus and its affect on our nation,” the president stated. “The virus will never go away by itself, or because we wish for it to go away: we must act. Vaccination is the best path away from this pandemic.”

Biden added that he wanted the requirement do not be necessary but that the current vaccination rate won’t get the country “out of this pandemic forever.” He also mentioned a 40% lowering in the amount of unvaccinated Americans from late in July, when the first vaccine mandates rolled out, up to today.

“There were no ‘mass firings’ or shortages because of vaccination mandates,” Biden said. “Despite what some falsely assert, vaccination mandates have broad public support.”

The OSHA rules allow for weekly testing as one alternative, with the exception being healthcare workers. However, employees who want to remain unvaccinated will in most circumstances have to pay for their tests, and anyone testing positive will have to quarantine.

“We are already witnessing disruptions as organizations and companies start enforcing these mandates,” said the Chairwoman of the Tea Party Patriots Action, Jenny Beth Martin, in a comment. “Consequently, we are losing nurses, doctors, police officers, pilots, and more. Last year, they were lauded as important workers and heroes; now they are shunned by the globalist who believe they know better.”

Author: Blake Ambrose