Biden Panics After Mexico Reveals The Truth About His ‘Involvement’

A large “Biden 2020” flag has been spotted flying in a migrant camp in Tijuana, Mexico, where hundreds of potential migrants are staying until they are processed and possibly released into the United States.

“It is pretty much Biden’s camp. They are showing off the Biden flag. They are putting on Biden T-shirts everyday. There’s 500 to 1,000 people staying here that think without a doubt that President Biden wants them to be here and will help them cross the border,” Fox News host Griff Jenkins reported on Monday during his visit to the migrant camp.

Jenkins talked with some people living in the camp, with one person saying the migrants got the pro-Biden merchandise from an organization not related to the government.

“They put his shirts on when the media shows up because they think if Biden sees them with the shirt, he will feel influenced to do more to get them over the border,” Jenkins said.

“Most think Biden is creating shelters in the U.S. and that, any time now, they will be asked to go across and stay there instead of here, where it’s dangerous.”

The large Biden flag comes after would be illegals were seen wearing T-shirts showing Biden’s name.

“Biden, please allow us in!” some shirts read, along with displaying Biden’s campaign logo. Migrants also gathered together and took a knee to urge Biden to allow them in.

The new White House is allowing an influx of illegals coming into the nation, sparking a crisis as shelters work to house thousands of illegals.

Local officials along the border have slammed the Biden team for its immigration measures, demanding greater transparency while also asking for the National Guard to help with the flood of people.

Biden officials have said the flood of migrants is not really a “crisis.”

“Children showing up at our border, who are leaving violence, persecution, and fleeing terrible circumstances, is not a crisis,” Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki said to reporters.

Vice President Harris meanwhile has caused outrage after she was asked by a reporter if she had any plans to go to the border.

“Not today,” she said right before laughing.

Her laughter was instantly condemned by GOP lawmakers, among them House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

“While Harris laughs about a crisis of huge proportions, Conservatives are focused on protecting the border and helping the Border Patrol agents do their jobs on the front lines,” McCarthy said in a tweet.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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