Biden Panics As Latin-American Town All-But Begs For Trump’s Return

A newly elected Latino Republican celebrated a victory in a community that is 85% Hispanic – saying that the Latinos who formerly voted Democrat are finally opening their eyes.

McAllen mayor elect Javier Villalobos, the former chairman of Hidalgo County GOP in south Texas, spoke to Fox News in an interview rejoicing that Latino’s were abandoning the Democratic party in waves after years of being fed false propaganda and empty promises.

“Well, during the past election, it’s amazing what happened here in South Texas,” Villalobos said. “I think genuinely the Hispanic community is very conservative, yet, traditionally, they voted Democrat. It’s amazing what happened this past election. I think our numbers as far as conservative voters were up by substantially. We finally, finally, have competition in South Texas. So I think it’s an open up the doors for a lot of people.”

“Down in south Texas, it’s a little bit different,” Villalobos later added. “Like I said, traditionally Democrat, however, they are, a lot of individuals, including older individuals that have forever voted Democrat are opening up their eyes, accepting different ideas, both social and economic. And that’s amazing. We will have some, I always tell everybody, competition is good. It has been traditional Democrats of South Texas have been ignored a lot of the times, it won’t happen anymore.”

“We expect next election, that we will have the same type of results. We have candidates now running for Congress, when a lot of times it was very difficult to field a candidate down here, especially local elections, I think things are going to be changing.”

Fox News host Neil Cavuto pointed out that “McAllen, Texas is the same area that Hillary Clinton won 40 points over Donald Trump in 2016 and Joe Biden won by about 20 points over Donald Trump. So, something’s changed.”

Villalobos touched on the fact that many Hispanics who came here legally as immigrants are fed up with the disaster on Biden’s southern border.

“You know, it’s amazing. Even the older individuals … they just can’t stand what’s going on. My in laws, they were, they were immigrants, legally. And it’s true. People talk about it. They said, look what’s going on? Why can’t they do it legally? There has to be a mechanism, but you know what, a lot of the problem we have is in Washington. So we implore with our senators, our congressmen, the president, guys take a look at the immigration issue, take care of it. We’re being burdened right now with hundreds, thousands, of immigrants almost daily. And it’s an issue that we shouldn’t be burned, our taxpayers shouldn’t be paying for that. So we keep on telling Washington, take care of business.”

Cavuto then reminded that Vice President Kamala Harris has yet to visit the border, noting that she seems to be putting it off – and questioning if it’s too late for her to visit at this point.

Villalobos responded, “No, look, anytime a federal official comes in, they’re welcome. I think it’d be, it’d be wonderful if vice president Harris could come and see some of the issues that we have.”

Author: Drew Benson