Biden Prepares To Make “Reasonable” Constitution Changes

President Biden called gun restrictions “reasonable” during his Congressional speech this week. He said, “We are not changing the Constitution; we are just being reasonable.”

This statement came after his statement that no Constitutional amendment is without its limits, that “no amendment is absolute.”

He then said, “From the beginning, there were weapons you couldn’t own. Certain people could not own guns, ever.”

Biden did not give any backing for his claim about “certain guns” not being owned by Americans in 1791, the day that the Second Amendment was ratified. Also, he did not answer how the British found themselves facing ordinary men who fought with muskets very much like the muskets used by their own professional forces.

The difference between military and civilian guns was much smaller then than it is now.

Biden supported universal background checks, a “high capacity” magazine restriction, and new laws for gun parts kits.

He also argued for an “assault weapons” ban and said that the 1994 ban lowered gun violence. But the DOJ reported in 2004 against that claim, saying that “the ban’s outcome for gun violence is small at best and maybe too small to even be measured.”