Biden Proves His Mask Wearing Is ‘All For Show’

The White House covid coordinator was questioned about Biden’s use of face masks. The discussion sparked when CNN’s Jake Tapper asked why President Biden continues to wear face coverings even though he is vaccinated.

The question came after the CDC announced that Americans don’t have to wear masks at indoor gatherings if the people there have received a vaccine. Critics stress that the White House coordinator, Jeff Zients, went around the question

“Well, the CDC gave advice that when you are with friends and family that are vaccinated, you don’t need a mask,” Zients said.

Zientis continued on in a statement to say President Biden is following the science and cannot wait for the next CDC guideline. Tapper responded, however, asking for an answer.

Zients said, currently, vaccinated people should simply follow the advice of not having to wear a mask in uncrowded settings when outdoors. He said it is just a few weeks since all 50 states opened vaccines to all people and urged everyone to get their vaccinations.

Yet Tapper stressed that when President Biden does not take his mask off inside a room of vaccinated people, it sends the message that the vaccines do not work. He said this could lead to people losing hope of ever getting their pre-pandemic freedom back.

Author: Steven Sinclaire