Biden Puts a Sneaky “Gotcha” Clause In His Spending Bill

It isn’t difficult to disguise things in a document that’s 2,135 pages long, and that’s precisely what the Dems attempted to do in their recent spending bill.

The Biden administration has already had a tough time getting the Dems to support a bill that costs $1.75 trillion. There was a dispute over the timing issues the bill created and its connection to the rest of the Biden’s Build Back Better plan.

But now the revelation of a provision, on page 1647, might cause even more lawmakers to disagree with the bill.

The provision would put an end to having to provide a SS number in order receive child tax credits. This means that anyone could receive billions of dollars in child tax credits. All illegal immigrants would have the ability to claim a CTC if this new provision is kept in the bill.

Steven Camarota, an employee at the Center for Immigration research, informed Fox News he thinks that if this requirement is repealed it might lead to around $2.3 billion in cash being sent to illegal immigrants for child tax credits.

Camarota also predicted a large payout for all the illegals who have U.S.-born children.

“We calculated that the broadened Child Tax Credit would provide $8.2 billion to illegal immigrants, also known as the Build Back Better Act,” Camarota said.

“The removal of the SSN rule also enables over 600,000 illegal immigrants that crossed the border as unaccompanied children or in family units and released in 2021 to obtain payments from the CTC,” Camarota claimed.

Despite this, the Dems are still determined to have this bill passed this week.

“Yes, we plan to have this bill passed by the week of November 15, as we mentioned in our statements that were made while we were getting the infrastructure bill passed, and we are very proud of that fact,” Nancy Pelosi informed reporters on November 9.

So as our economy is still hindered and recovering from the pandemic, and inflation reaching a high not seen in 30 years, Dems want to toss billions more out the window.

Author: Scott Dowdy