Biden Regime Considers New Plan to Deal with ‘Extremists’

Remember how liberals used to say that President Trump was a dictator? Well, now we know the real dictator is Mr. Joe Biden.

We have seen a lot of disturbing tyrannical moves so far from Biden, the guy who campaigned on the idea of guarding norms.

He has done everything he can to destroy norms ever since he won office, from new laws to controlling elections to even thinking about court-packing.

But now, Biden wants to increase the surveillance of Americans, unimpeded by laws or concerns for our rights.

The Biden White House wants to surveil “extremist talk” by Americans online, but this effort is limited by what Democrats call pesky rules, rights and regulations that they are supposed to care about. So Biden is discussing using outside organizations to monitor Americans.

By joining with these outside firms, who have more legal visibility in this space, the DHS could get information that would “help” federal agencies, which cannot legally monitor American citizens without a warrant.

If they got away with spying on Trump, what makes any other American safe from such activities? This move, to get around the law, is a warning fro the actions to come from the Biden White House

I am also wondering if the term “extremist” would apply to the people who have been violent for over a year now, Antifa and BLM? No, of course not. We know this will only apply to team MAGA.

Author: Steven Sinclaire