Biden Ruins Everyone’s Memorial Weekend With This Announcement

President Biden will publish his massive $6 trillion budget today just in time for the long Memorial Day weekend. The bill, which is the largest spending spree since WW2, will demand more taxes be forced upon all Americans.

“The plan shows that Biden does not care about getting the deficit under control, which would remain over $1 trillion through the next ten years despite a possible economic recovery. The deficit only went past that number after the Great Recession and after the pandemic hit the economy,” The Hill reports.

“Instead of finding a way toward sustainable debt, the program would increase America’s debt burden to 117 percent of GDP by the end of the decade, exceeding its WW2 record in 2024. The budget, which the Biden Adminstration is expected to lay out today, is a call for a bigger government role in the economy, bringing spending to a quarter of the country’s yearly output, greater than any time before the pandemic.”

This shocking price is not going over well.