Biden Seizes Up To 30% Of American Land — Is He coming For Yours?

President Biden is pushing onward with an executive order asking for 30 percent of United States land to be “conserved” — which is up from the 13 percent of national parks — this includes private property.

And while environmentalists are demanding even more restrictions, Americans and Republicans whose income depends on land are opposed to what they view as a land grab by the government.

“This ‘30×30’ goal has gotten a lot of attention in ranching and farming communities across the nation,” American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall said in April. “Our agriculturalists are asking whether their work will get recognized by the White House. They have voluntarily agreed to move over 140 million acres of private land into conservation programs — a land mass larger than New York and California combined.”

“Any talk about conservation must start with the recognition that ranchers and farmers have been leaders in this space for decades,” Duvall said.

“Over 800 million acres of land are also getting conserved under federal and state ownership,” AG Daily said. “Multiple-use federal lands, and actively managed lands, should be recognized for their open space benefits.”

“The concerns of ranchers and farmers are increasing regarding the real nature of the 30×30 goal, the definition of conservation, and what is defined as success, among other concerns,” Duvall said. “We urge you to go swiftly to give clarity about your goals for the initiative, and when you do, it will be crucial for you to invite citizen comments because ranchers and farmers must have their voices heard.”

But if not going swiftly the Biden White House is again focusing on the executive order.

NPR reported on what it us described to be Biden’s plan “to slow the collapse of nature.”

NPR spoke to Tom Goldtooth with the Indigenous Environmental Network.

“It is another scam to give the idea that these lands are protected and we are restoring nature,” Goldtooth said. “But these lands are going to the polluting industry.”

“By allowing such activities like logging or mining to happen even in limited fashion,” Goldtooth says, “nature is not getting protected, not when the world’s foremost scientists are warning that water, clean air, and ecosystems are now at imminent risk,” NPR reported.

Author: Scott Dowdy