Biden Shocks D.C. By Accepting Ecoterrorism

The White House is standing by their nominee for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Tracy Stone-Manning, despite problems concerning her connections to an ecoterrorist plan and her comments about population control.

The White House has come under pressure from lawmakers to withdraw the heated nomination after Fox revealed she had traded her testimony for immunity in a tree-spiking case in the 90s.

Stone-Manning was awarded immunity for her testimony that she sent a letter to the Forestry Service on behalf of her former friend, John P. Blount.

The letter revealed there was 500 pounds of “spikes between 8 to 10 inches” jammed inside the trees of a forest in Idaho. A dangerous ecoterrorist tactic that has hurt many people, like a man whose jaw was cut in half from an exploding chainsaw.

Stone-Manning said on her Senate questionnaire that she was not subject to any investigation but hinted at her involvement with the tree-spiking incident. The nominee’s previous statements also seem to go contrary to her answers on this questionnaire.

Stone-Manning has additionally come under scrutiny for support of population control in her college thesis.

But the Biden White House still supports their controversial nominee.

“Stone-Manning is a public servant who has the experience and proven track record of getting solutions when it comes to our lands and waters,” a White House spokesperson said. “She is exceptionally qualified to be our next Director of Land Management.”

Republican Senator Jim Risch, Idaho, said this Thursday that anyone who knows the “eco-terrorist practice” of tree-spiking does not think that Stone-Manning is “exceptionally qualified.”

“When Idahoans hear that someone who conspired with tree spikers is Biden’s top pick to lead the land management agency of America, they are correctly horrified. Plotting with and helping tree spikers is not a mistake,” Risch said. “When you knowingly, and with malice, try to take another person’s life – that is not a mistake.”

Author: Scott Dowdy