Biden Sparks Nationwide Outrage With His ‘Catch And Release’ Scheme

A top source with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) revealed Biden’s plan to release migrants soon after being discovered. The plan completely changes how illegals are processed and forces border agents to release migrants without speaking to the immigration courts or giving a Notice to Appear.

“This is crazy, it is another factor that will overwhelm America’s borders,” a CBP official with direct knowledge of the agenda told reporters anonymously because he was not authorized to publicly speak on the topic. “We are creating an entirely different class of illegals we will have to deal with in the future. We won’t find most of these people once they are released.”

The illegal families will be let go without a Notice to Appear, a legal document that starts the removal process. The plan was started early Sunday morning and is now in full effect.

The insider source says the plan makes room for “prosecutorial discretion” by Border Patrol for illegals who enter with children to include entire family units. An arrest report is done, along with a criminal record check and a picture of the illegal. This new process depends on illegals telling officials what city they will be going to. The illegal is then asked to report to the closest immigration court office when they get there so that they can put themselves into the formal removal process.

The source says this is an impossible thing for the immigration courts to do. He further said, “If we can’t process them here with our large staff of thousands, the small staff of courts around the nation will be overwhelmed and never catch up — even if the illegals show up.”

With no Notice to Appear, the illegals are free to roam the country and are not put into the immigration system. The court cannot remove an illegal in absentia for not appearing for a future court date, the source said. The removal in absentia order lets officials remove the alien without appeal if they are captured later on. Under this new rule, the illegal will not be given a removal in absentia order for failure to appear, which makes the plan unprecedented.

This is another factor that will attract more illegals to make the journey to America’s southern border. The insider source reports the new process is only being done in the Rio Grande Valley Sector of South Texas. This is disturbing to the source.

“If they aren’t doing this in the Del Rio Sectors or Laredo, people will come here to benefit from this procedure, this is going to backfire,” the source said.

The CBP official labeled this plan a result of capacity issues at stations but thinks this will only exacerbate the issues they are seeing.

“We might be reducing the time it takes to release a family but if we attract more to come once they see it is quicker here, we’ll be in the same situation again,” the official said.

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