Biden Takes Credit For Trump’s Success — Gets Wrecked By Reporter

At the State Department’s press conference yesterday, the media actually pushed back on an attempt by the administration to take credit for one of Trump’s policies.

Yes, it happened. The media pushed against the Biden White House. And the Biden team member was not too pleased about being called out for it.

The AP’s Matt Lee did not let spokesperson Ned Price take credit for the policy, because it was clearly one created during the Trump administration. Lee was aggressive when he mentioned the spokesman was disingenuous, as Biden had been in power for only a month. In that time, these companies did not change their tune. 

The policy dealt with the Nord Stream II pipeline, which supposedly has our EU allies wringing their hands because they believe Biden will be too weak to handle Putin.

Price claimed around 18 companies are beginning to scale down their role in this project, which led to the fireworks:

I thought Trump was a Putin puppet? Biden wants a continuation of Trump’s policy? 

Should we ask for a special counsel probe for this? Or possibly, Trump’s policy wasn’t as terrible as the democrats and media made it seem?

For the idiots, welcome to reality. For the rest of you, grab some popcorn. And thanks to the AP for doing this, even a broken clock is right sometimes. 

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