Biden Taps Top Republican For Ambassador Position, See Who…

President Biden will be naming Cindy McCain to an ambassador spot soon, according to reports.

McCain, the widow of the late Senator John McCain, is currently going through a background check in anticipation of being the U.S. ambassador to the World Food Program at the UN, a diplomatic job based in Rome, Italy. The push to name a Republican ambassador comes after President Biden did not fill a single position in his administration with a Republican, a practice that Presidents Clinton and Obama followed.

McCain broke away from the GOP when she endorsed Biden’s campaign against President Trump, which may have helped Democrats win Arizona for the first time since Clinton won the state back in 1996.

“My husband had a code: country comes before all. We are Republicans, but Americans first. There is only one person in this election who defends our values, and that is Biden., McCain said.

The campaigning Biden welcomed the endorsement at the time, saying he was “honored” to have McCain’s “support and friendship.”

“Cindy, I am very honored to have your friendship and your support. This election goes beyond any one political party. It takes all of us to unite restore the soul of the nation., Biden said.

The Biden team will be naming all ambassadors at the same time instead of making individual announcements.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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