Biden Targets Rebellious States With New Covid-19 Tyranny

President Biden announced fresh initiatives to fight COVID-19 this Wednesday afternoon and slammed politicians who created bans against mask mandates.

Biden spoke sternly about a just-given memo to Sec. of Education Miguel Cardona. The memo orders Cardona “to use all his tools to guarantee that governors and other authorities are giving a safe return to in-person classes for the country’s children,” according to the Biden Admin.

“Unfortunately, as we have witnessed through this pandemic, some leaders are attempting to turn public safety measures – like children using masks in school – into a political dispute to further their own political agenda,” Biden stated. “Some are going so far as taking away power from local teachers by banning masks inside school. They are setting a dangerous tone.”

Biden condemned the threats he said has came from protesters in states like Tennessee, saying that “the intimidation and threats we are hearing across the nation … wrong.”


“They are unacceptable. I’ve said this before, this is not about politics. It’s about keeping our kids safe. It’s about fighting the virus together, united. I made it certain that I stand with people who are attempting to do the right thing,” Biden added.

The White House has criticized some GOP governors, such as Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who banned mask mandates inside schools. The memo aims to guarantee that “the Dept. of Education is doing everything to stop anyone from standing in the way of local officials and school teachers in taking the steps to protect students during in-person learning, without compromising their health or the health of their communities,” the administration announced.

Federal health officials said earlier on Wednesday that booster shots for vaccinated people will likely be available on Sept. 20. Biden also addressed commented on this announcement, which comes after the FDA approved the additional shot for immunocompromised individuals on Aug. 12.

HHS are creating new regulations for long-term care medical workers serving Medicaid and Medicare enrollees, the Biden Admin. said in a fact sheet this Wednesday. Biden commented on these regulations Wednesday and said that America is still grappling with a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

“Some states have taken similar measures to guard nursing homes, and this measure will help to ensure consistent standards across the nation. These new policies will apply to over 15,000 nursing home locations, which have around 1.3 million workers and serve around 1.6 million nursing home residents,” according to an administration fact sheet.

Finally, the Biden White House also announced it is extending the reimbursement to states that made use of National Guard personnel for pandemic response efforts as well as for any emergency response costs.

Author: Steven Sinclaire