Biden Thinks Black Businesses Aren’t As Smart As White Businesses

President Joe Biden was shredded to pieces online after making yet another series of racist comments while speaking in Tulsa, Oklahoma – ironically enough, on race-related issues.

Biden, who was in Tulsa to use the anniversary of the Tulsa race massacre as an opportunity to push a massive $100 billion plan to fight “systemic racism,” sent the internet into a frenzy after saying that black entrepreneurs are “just as capable” as white entrepreneurs, but they don’t have lawyers or accountants.

“The data shows young black entrepreneurs are just as capable of succeeding given the chance as white entrepreneurs are,” Biden said in during his speech. “But they don’t have lawyers. They don’t have, they don’t have accountants, but they have great ideas.”

“Does anyone doubt this whole nation be better off from the investments those people make?” he continued. “And I promise you that’s why I set up this National Small Business Administration that’s much broader because they’re going to get those loans.”

Jeffrey A Dove Jr., a former Republican nominee, said, “Why is it that every time he speaks about the black community he makes us seem incapable of the simplest tasks? Whether it’s getting an ID card, using the internet to make an appointment or now this.”

Another commentator, Rita Panahi, said, “Biden & his bigotry of low expectations…blacks can’t get ID to vote or use computers to book vaccine appointments or hire accountants when in business.”

Rasmussen Reports said, “Imagine if a black woman had millions of viewers on Facebook, built up over many years of diligent work, and overnight Facebook demonetized her videos, destroying all she had built, apparently only because she was a Conservative. Government should prohibit this, but it doesn’t.”

Spencer Brown commented saying, “The President of the United States doesn’t think black entrepreneurs have lawyers or accountants, which seems like some of that ‘soft bigotry of low expectations’ that’s the Democrats’ favorite kind of racism.”

Lavern Spicer added, “I’m black and I know exactly where to get lawyers and accountants, you racist.”

David Steinberg pointed out, “Remember, Donald Trump — through economic policies that treat us all as Americans, not ‘identities’ — oversaw the greatest rise in prosperity for black Americans in US history. In just 3 years, he did what 5 decades of Biden’s racist bulls*** failed to deliver.”

Biden also used the day to announce major changes to federal housing policy, and a massive new “inter-agency effort” at combatting “systemic racism” in the housing industry and beyond.

The new changes “include a new inter-agency effort meant to combat housing discrimination, as well as new directives that will increase federal contracting with small, minority-owned businesses by $100 billion over the next five years.”

The grants will be on top of millions of taxpayer dollars, earmarked to address “systemic racism,” allocated through the Biden administration’s COVID-19 response bills, and “include a $10 billion initiative targeting community revitalization efforts, projects retrofitting transit systems to redress the dislocation of minority communities, incentives to end exclusionary zoning and a new tax credit to develop low and affordable housing,” USA Today noted.

Biden also announced, “an increase in the share of federal contracts for small, disadvantaged businesses; the reversal of two Trump-era housing rules; and the launch of an initiative to address inequality in home appraisals.”

Author: Jerold Creek