Biden Throws a Bone To Mexican Cartels — Covers Up The Truth At The Border

The Biden White House has faced pushback for their lack of transparency.

This week, 12 GOP lawmakers were blocked from entering the El Paso Intelligence Center during their visit to the border. The Republicans have repeatedly tried to visit the location after the DEA warned about the increasing amount of drug smugglers crossing America’s southern border.

Lawmakers are working to gain insight into the cartel problem and argue the Biden White House is stopping them from doing so. They say this interference breaks their obligation to ensure public funds are used within these facilities to correctly manage the problem.

Republican Congressman Mike Garcia (Calif.) said the Republican party must demand information about the strategy to oppose drug cartels and illegals. He argued that the Biden White House has prioritized helping illegals over the security of the American public.

Garcia continued on to say Biden’s lack of transparency shows that “America’s open borders are more serious than the average person knows right now.”

Author: Blake Ambrose