Biden Throws Taxpayer Dollars Out The Window — Guess Where They’re Headed?

Signaling a change of Trump’s policy on Israel, the Biden White House wants to gift Palestinians with $125 million.

The money was given in the 2020 fiscal budget during the last part of President Trump’s term, but his White House broke away from Palestinian leadership in 2018 and stopped nearly all aid to the group.

Congress was informed of the $125 million payment by the State Dept. and the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Trump tried to stop sending taxpayer dollars to other countries before taking care of our own, while President Biden is promising to restore the globalist support.

Giving money to the Palestinians “is in line with our values,” according to State Department official Ned Price.

“It is in line with our interests,” he said. “And of course, it is consistent with the desires of the Palestinians. And also in line with the interests of Israel, and we will say more about that going forward.”

The first funds to be given are $15 million to address covid, according to Ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

Trump had wanted to deliver around $5 million to the Palestinians at the start of the pandemic, but it is not clear if they accepted the money due to the cold relationship as Trump ended up being much more supportive of Israel. With the recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and the moving of the American Embassy from Tel Aviv proving to be key sources of tension between the two groups.

“President Joe Biden intends to bring back U.S. assistance programs that support humanitarian aid for the Palestinians and to take measures to restart diplomatic missions that were stopped by the last American administration,” acting Ambassador to the U.N. Richard Mills told the Security Council on Jan. 26.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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