Biden To Vaccinate Illegals Before Americans

Yesterday the DHS put out a statement guaranteeing that illegals will get “equal access” to covid vaccines. 

“DHS along with its Federal partners completely support equal access to the vaccines for undocumented immigrants. It is a public health and moral imperative to guarantee all individuals within America get access to the Covid vaccine. DHS urges all people, of any immigration status, to get the vaccine once possible under local guidelines,” DHS said in a statement on Monday. “DHS officials are committed to making sure every person who needs a vaccine will get one, regardless of their citizenship status.”

Steve Scalise, the House Minority Whip is slamming the policy and requesting that the Biden White House put Americans first. 

“President Joe Biden’s plan to vaccinate illegals before Americans is a slap in the face to the millions who have been waiting months for the vaccine. These hard-working people expected their leaders to be looking out for them. This pattern of Biden putting non-citizens before Americans is even more troubling after he put foreign jobs over American jobs last week; now he is forcing Americans wait to receive the vaccine until those who came here illegally get it,” Scalise stated. “Even worse, the Biden administration’s original plan was to vaccinate terrorists at Guantanamo Bay before Americans.” 

“President Joe Biden should forget this ridiculous plan and focus on vaccinating the elderly and the frontline workers as soon as possible,” Scalise continued. 

The lawmaker also pressed the issue during a Fox interview on Tuesday morning. 

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