Biden Tries The ‘Loan Wolf’ Approach — It Doesn’t End Well For Him

President Biden has reportedly “overruled” U.S. military leaders when he supported the complete withdrawal of U.S. forces from the country.

The WSJ reiterated this weekend that in calling for the complete withdrawal of U.S. military from the country, Biden ignored the advice of top commanders, who recommended keeping a small force in Afghanistan to aid in keeping security.

From the WSJ:

“In contrast to the Trump policies he removed, he opted to push forward with Trump’s arrangement with the Taliban instead of renegotiating it. In so doing, he ignored his top military commanders: General Frank McKenzie, the leader of United States forces in the Middle East; General Austin Miller, who was the leader of NATO forces in the country; and General Mark Milley, who is Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman. Mentioning the dangers of removing U.S. forces to the U.S. Embassy, they suggested that the United States keep another 2,500 troops in the country while increasing diplomacy to attempt to create a peace agreement.”

The news outlet first spoke about this news in April.

According to the newspaper, Biden’s choice was motivated by stopping America’s involvement in Afghanistan before the 20 year anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, which led to the intervention into the Middle Eastern nation.

Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin also agreed with the worries of top military commanders, the Journal said in April.

VP Kamala Harris said in April she was the last one in the meeting when President Biden issued the order for a complete withdrawal from the country.

Politico said, “Harris reports she had key role in Biden’s decision for withdrawal.”

“I have seen the President many times make choices given what he feels is right,” Harris said during a CNN interview which Politico was discussing.

Later this Sunday, after the Taliban went into the Afghan presidential palace and the United States ambassador to Afghanistan reportedly left the Embassy, the U.S. Pentagon announced the use of another 1,000 troops to the country.

“The Pentagon is deploying another U.S. 1,000 troops into Kabul, boosting total numbers expected in Afghanistan to around 6,000, two U.S. officials inform me. The 1,000 more come from the 82nd Airborne Division already being deployed in response to the problem,” Dan Lamothe, from the Washington Post, said.

Author: Scott Dowdy