Biden Unleashes His Most Extreme Order To Date

President Biden is looking at gun bans on two sorts of firearms through executive orders, with large gun bans unlikely to get the needed 60 votes in the divided Senate.

Biden is especially looking at bans on the importation of certain guns, and 3D printed guns. Press Secretary Psaki said this week that EOs could be used to ban 3D printing without firearms regulations. The orders are in a review process to stop legal challenges from gun supporters.

Guns made through 3D printing do not meet the ATF’s legal definition of a gun, giving a reason for consternation among Democrats and letting some 2A enthusiasts avoid governmental processes to legally create guns.

“We are looking at what type of authority I need related to imported guns – as well as if I have the authority,” President Biden said to reporters.

It is likely an executive order on imported guns would only be for ‘assault weapons.’ Several firms import AK-47 and G3 rifles into the country, but these are almost always converted to semi-automatic.

The Biden White House has declined to give a timeline for when it intends to enact executive order gun confiscation, even as some anti-gun activists are pushing on the establishment Democrat.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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