Biden Wants To Arrest Americans “Before They Commit Crimes”

Utah Senator Mike Lee (R) went up against President Biden’s pick, David Chipman, to head the ATF over his complete contempt for America’s gun owners. During Wednesday’s combative hearing, Senator Lee pressed Chipman on his past anti-gun comments. Lee also mentioned the interview Chipman did last year about gun sales rising during which Chipman seemed to make fun of first-time gun owners.

The Utah Senator further showed concern about Chipman’s comments targeting gun supporters, words that the Republican said had violated rules of due process when dealing with this instance.

Chipman had said on Reddit back in 2019 that, “while in the ATF, I did studies about those who failed background checks to find out how many later committed gun crimes. Many of them did. This is a perfect chance to arrest people before they commit crimes instead of responding after the fact.”

In response to the Senator, Chipman said he was misunderstood and that his words were taken out of context. He then justified his comment saying he was only making a joke about himself.

Author: Blake Ambrose