Biden’s DHS Gives Illegals An Outrageous ‘Early Christmas Present’

President Biden’s border security chief is pledging to stop the work enforcement of illegal immigration laws and to aid illegals in getting higher wages from their American employers.

Alejandro Mayorkas, the refugee born in Cuba and pro-migration zealot who now heads the Dept. of Homeland Security, says his “Work Enforcement Strategy” is a benefit for both Americans and illegals. He said:

“We will not accept unscrupulous employers who take advantage of unauthorized workers, conduct illegal actions, or impose bad working conditions … By using policies that focus on the worst unscrupulous employers, we will guard workers and legitimate American businesses.”

Mayorkas also said to the WSJ:

“The message is that exploitative employers should now beware. Businesses that simply employ illegal immigrants but offer them good wages and safer working conditions would not be a priority for immigration, he said.”

Federal law prevents the employment of illegals but Mayorkas “does not wish to enforce that law,” said Rob Law from the Center for Immigration Studies. Law said:

“Mayorkas actually wishes to encourage illegals to get in and stay in the workforce. I believe that is the important thing here: Mayorkas is really becoming the greatest champion of illegals. That is astonishing, that the Sec. of Homeland Security is the greatest advocate for illegals in this nation.”

The president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, Dan Stein, stated:

“They are giving employers the nod to employ illegals, ordering a stop to almost all worksite enforcement. Biden’s policy is exactly the opposite of what the law is: to draw as many illegals as possible to the U.S., no matter the cost to our national security, burdens to taxpayers, or the wages of American workers.”

Lots of economic studies reveal that the flood of illegals into the labor market stops “tight labor” worker shortages. These shortages are good for Americans because they pressure employers to give Americans higher wages and better technology support.

For example, 2019 raids in the state Mississippi removed many illegals and then forced employers to pay higher wages to hire people in chicken-processing plants.

For years, many pollsters have shown broad opposition to illegal immigration and the inflow of so-called temporary workers into jobs sought by Americans, including good paying college level roles. Now, it seems that the federal government has finally chosen a side.

Author: Steven Sinclaire