Biden’s Disapproval Ratings Stun Washington

A new poll is showing that President Biden’s approval rating has gone down during his first month in office.

Biden maintains a 51% approval score in a Monmouth University poll published this week. That’s lower from the 54% of Americans who gave him approval late January, days after his inauguration.

More obvious though is the rise in Joe Biden’s disapproval rating – from 30% to 42% today. The rise is after more people come to get to know Biden – with some who said they had “no opinion” of Biden going from 16% all the way to 8%.

“It’s not a surprise that his honeymoon is over,” Monmouth University Polling Institute Director Patrick Murray said. But Murray also stressed that the president has a net positive approval in the poll, which was done on Feb. 25 through March 1.

An average of all of the recent polls about Biden’s approval – put together by Real Clear Politics – says his numbers are 55% approval with 40% disapproval.

Ninety-one percent of Democrats approve of Biden so far – essentially the same as January. And for Republicans, eight in ten approve, which is a decrease of 10 points from a month ago. Independents come it at 43% approval and 48% disapproval. That’s a change from January, when they ranked him with 47%-30% approval/disapproval.

The poll also found that more than six in ten people support the stimulus bill being considered by Congress.

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