Biden’s FBI Exposed In Overseas Sex Crimes

Four FBI officials had illegal sexual intercourse with foreign prostitutes, as reported by an internal report.

The DOJ Office of the Inspector General found in their investigation that six FBI officials had involvement with foreign prostitutes, discovering that four of these officials worked in sexual intercourse, while a fifth getting “commercial sex,” according to one report issued this week by the DOJ OIG. A sixth official “committed misconduct” by failing to report the incidents, according to one report.

The place where these FBI officials solicited the sex with the prostitutes and the officials’ true concern over the crimes remains unclear. The FBI would not immediately respond to us for comment.

The investigation also was about allegations that one of the FBI agents gave one coworker a package with around 100 white pills to be given to a foreign police officer. While investigating, the OIG discovered that the official of concern “lacked candor” when asked about the pills, denying putting them in a package.

The OIG (Office of Inspector General) also found evidence that the people involved did not inform the FBI of their relations with prostitutes, some of them being foreign nationals.

“The OIG investigation further discovered that five of them did not report their relationships with foreign nationals, including foreign nationals who they procured commercial sex, breaking FBI policies,” the report read.

The OIG referred the issue to the FBI after the conclusion of its investigation.

“Of the five people who solicited commercial sex overseas, did not to report this misconduct or the misconduct of others, and did not report their relationships with foreign nationals, two of whom resigned, with two retiring, and one being removed, all while the OIG’s investigation was continuing,” the report said.

The findings follow an investigation previously this month which discovered that CIA agents committed sex crimes against children.

The FBI’s corruption and connection to liberal globalism agendas is all but clear now. What was the FBI doing in a foreign nation anyway? They are an American police agency, not foreign. This alone proves that FBI agents are not the clean cut all-American police they are made out to be on TV.

Author: Steven Sinclaire