Biden’s FBI Militants Start Raiding Conservative Homes — Is Yours Next?

The founder of Project Veritas, James O’Keefe, has revealed the disturbing details about the FBI raid on his home that happened last weekend, describing tactics that seem vindictive and very draconian like the arrest of Trump’s advisor Roger Stone. O’Keefe, talking to Sean Hannity, described ten FBI agents raiding his home with a battering ram early in the morning, handcuffing him before going through his home for several hours.

The FBI raid is in relation to the publication of a diary believed to belong to Ashley Biden, which seems to show how the President’s daughter resents both Joe and Hunter. It is believed that Project Veritas originally got the diary, parts of which were later released by conservative news outlet National File.

O’Keefe says the FBI rummaging through his house for over two hours, accessing documents and materials related to other investigations that could implicate Joe Biden and the federal government with misconduct.

Journalists involved with the new publication of the diary say it was found. Ashley Biden reportedly said to the FBI that her diary was stolen before the 2020 election, and the FBI’s targeting of O’Keefe pretty much proves that the document is authentic.

Reporters are as liable for theft as anybody else, but the reporters in this diary story all deny any connection to what Ashley Biden says is the theft of her diary, instead saying that the diary was merely found somewhere Ashley Biden was known to stay. Longstanding First Amendment protocols prevent journalists from getting prosecuted for publishing information connected to stolen materials.

Civil liberties supporters have raised concerns about the early-morning raid of a reporter’s home, whereas authoritarian liberals have asked for O’Keefe and Veritas to be prosecuted for their roles in the publication of the diary.

This comes at a time when Democrats are growing increasingly violent and brazen in their attempts to target conservatives, and especially Trump supporters. With Biden’s approval numbers tanking like no Democrat has ever experienced in decades, they are searching for a way to shift the narrative onto something other than their own corrupt agendas and incompetence.

Author: Steven Sinclaire