Biden’s Gun Confiscation Plans Starts Today

President Biden will give a speech Wednesday that will paint gun ownership as the source of the dramatic increase in violent crime in America’s top cities.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki outlined Biden’s upcoming speech during her daily press briefing earlier this week.

“The President feels a great amount of the crime we are witnessing is due to gun violence., she said. “You can expect him to speak about that and his focus on continuing to deal with gun violence and gun safety in the nation.”

Biden will speak about the rise in violence that happened under his administration as Democrats come under a crippling narrative that they are to blame.

The murder rate has gone up 25 percent and violent crime increased by around three percent, according to FBI numbers.

Republicans put the blame on Democrats for the increase after they accepted the extreme left anti-police and anti-white agenda promoted by BLM.

A Fox News poll put out in May revealed that 73 percent of people think crime is higher under President Biden than under former President Trump.

Psaki signaled that President Biden would possibly point out that violent crime also went up under Trump, in order to escape blame.

“There has been a rise in crime over the past five years, but mostly the past 18 months., Psaki said, trying to shift the blame away from Biden.

But 37 cities with numbers for the first three months of 2021 showed an 18 percent rise in murders compared to the same time last year.

Biden has privately discussed the idea that “defund the police” has harmed Democrats politically.

While talking with civil rights leaders after the election, Biden said they should not “get too far ahead on police reform.”

“That’s how Republicans beat the hell out of us, telling people we were talking about defunding the police., Biden said in Dec. 2020.

Author: Scott Dowdy