Biden Has Another Annual ‘Holiday’ In Mind — It’s Definitely Not What You’re Thinking

President Biden’s DHS is considering a plan to release 100,000 more illegals into the country interior every year, in addition to the thousands already released on a monthly basis from DHS custody.

The proposed DHS blueprint, first revealed by news outlet Axios, would increase the Biden White House’s huge Catch and Release agenda where illegals are routinely put inside DHS locations or migrant motels for a time before being sent on buses or flown into towns around the country.

About 100,000 migrant families and illegals between 18 and 21 would benefit from the shocking plan, getting released into the interior through tracking methods that give little-to-no enforcement to ensure such illegals show up to their asylum hearing court dates.

Also, the new plan aims to help illegals more permanently resettle in the country by ensuring kids are enrolled in school and adults receive free attorneys.

This plan comes as Democrats attempt to further cut immigration enforcement by increasing what is known as “Alternatives to Detention” for illegals to help more of them be released into the country.

In a DHS budget document, Democrats want to fund these alternatives to detention in the amount of almost $500 million while making it increasingly harder for Border agents to deport illegals through a set of maneuvers.

American citizens are overwhelmingly opposed to Biden’s open borders agenda.

A new Harvard poll reports that 67 percent voters say that border crossers should be returned to Mexico after they show up at the border. With just 33 percent saying border crossers should be allowed into the country.

Also, 55 percent of polled voters reported that President Biden should have kept Trump’s immigration policies that resulted in less illegals flooding into the nation, and instead increased the enforcement on immigration, and thereby gave Americans’ higher wages.

Author: Steven Sinclaire