Biden’s Incompetence Leads To a New ‘D-Day’ In Europe

Russia is now amassing a huge collection of military troops at some possible invasion points along its Ukrainian border, leading a United States intelligence document to predict a Jan. invasion of the former Soviet nation.

Alarmed by this Russian buildup, President Biden wants to speak Tuesday by video conference with Russian President Putin.

The intel. document, reported by The Washington Post this Friday, says that Russia is now in the process of stationing 175,000 troops for an invasion of Ukraine.

“The Russian plans allegedly seem like a military offensive into Ukraine as early as 2022 with a large scale of forces twice what happened spring during Russia’s exercise close to Ukraine’s borders,” the Post said quoting “an administration leader, speaking with the condition of anonymity” as saying.

“The plans include extensive moves of 100 battalion tactical formations with around 175,000 personnel, along with artillery, armor, and equipment,” the official stated.

The Russian force is larger than the force that went onto the beaches of Normandy during D-Day when 156,000 Americans and allies started the French liberation in 1944.

The unclassified intel document reveals Russian forces seemingly ready to defend Russia or possibly attack. Fifty tactical groups are now deployed as artillery and tanks continue to show.

The intel. assessment puts the current Russian military strength at 70,000 troops and states that Russia, aware its intentions are being watched, is trying to cloak its troop movements “to create uncertainty,” as reported by the Post.

Satellite images “show new units at some locations along the Ukraine border over the past month,” the unnamed official quoted in the Post said.

According to the intel. document, Russian forces are now amassing supply caches to allow a defense or invasion.

“Equipment could be left behind at some training areas to enable a fast buildup,” the document said, as reported by the Post.

The Post quoted what it said was a Ukrainian leader who said Russia was rehearsing its invasion.

“The Russian forces worked out the problems of creating strike groups near our borders, mobilization measures, logistical groups, and transfer of greater military contingents, including by air,” the official said.

Author: Blake Ambrose