Biden’s Latest Support Comes From a Very Unexpected Place

Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell (KY) told journalists on Wed. that President Biden will not “get removed from office” after the deadly Afghanistan evacuation that left 13 United States military personnel killed, around 200 Americans stranded, along with billions of dollars of equipment now in the hands of terrorist groups like the Taliban.

“Well, the president is not going to get removed from office … I believe the way these actions get adjusted is at the ballot box,” the WSJ reported of McConnell’s comments. “There won’t be an impeachment,” the Kentucky Sen. who lost his majority during 2020 election added.

Though McConnell refused impeachment for President Biden likely because of a lack of Senate votes to do so, almost 40 combined Senate and House GOP members have asked for Biden to resign.

The demands for resignation come from what one Republican House member said was a deadly “nightmare” evacuation. The frustration has moved Congressman Jerry Carl (R-AL) to co-sponsor a resolution this week which demanded that President Biden “resign immediately” for revealing “himself to not be fit to lead America and serve as our Commander-in-Chief” after the deaths of American servicemen.

Not only have GOP members been infuriated by the 13 United States military personnel killed outside the Kabul airport, but many think America was embarrassed on a global stage for allowing billions of dollars of military equipment behind to be used by the Taliban. Video has even revealed the Taliban parading around the nation in triumphant celebration with the abandoned equipment.

If the Taliban mocking America with their success was not enough to infuriate Republicans, the Taliban are now in complete control of a nation where around 200 Americans are stranded. Even Joe Biden’s former interpreter who aided Biden in fleeing the country when he was a U.S. Senator has not been saved by the President of the U.S. armed forces.

“Hello Mr. President: Save my family,” interpreter Mohammed said to the WSJ while he was hiding. “Don’t forget about me.”

“I cannot leave my home,” he said. “I am very scared.”

When Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki was asked by a reporter about Mohammed’s call for help, she claimed, “We will get you out and honor your service, we are committed to this.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire