Biden’s ‘Legal Loophole’ Breaks Every Amendment In The Constitution

President Biden’s administration is preparing to partner with private firms to spy on the social media accounts of military members to find those with views that the administration thinks are “concerning.”

The new program will partner with private surveillance companies to get around the First Amendment, according to a top Pentagon official. Though the firm in question has not yet been named, the current anticipated company is Babel Street, a group that sells surveillance software to the government, including social media monitoring tools.

A spokesperson for Congressman Don Bacon (R-NE), a member of the House Armed Services Committee, said that “the congressman has discussed this with his defense team and he has not heard anything from DoD about this program.”,.,

The alleged program will look for certain keywords to find those that the administration sees as potential extremists, although experts said this is not only an invasion of privacy, but doomed to fail.

“Using keywords to watch social media is not only an invasion of privacy, it is a bad strategy that will be short-lived,” retired FBI agent Mike German said. “It will undoubtedly give many false positives that will dwindle our resources, without focusing on the real problem, which is tolerance for people who openly engage in discrimination and racist behavior.”

Any plans to spy on U.S. service members will face heavy pushback, especially after a Space Force commander was fired for warning that Marxism was taking over the DOD.

Author: Blake Ambrose