Biden’s Life Will Soon Be A Living Nightmare, Here’s Why

Jonathan Turley, a constitutional scholar, has said that the Hunter Biden situation requires the appointment of a special counsel because Pres. Joe Biden has denied that his son has done anything wrong and has taken steps to impede investigations.

Last week, The Washington Post and CNN joined the NY Times in affirming that Hunter Biden’s laptop, which was exposed in October 2020 and suggested that he had profited from selling access to his father, was genuine.

The admissions arrived a year-and-a-half after numerous news organizations joined the Democratic Party and past intelligence officials alleged that the laptop was Russian misinformation, successfully pressuring Silicon Valley to delete the narrative.

The White House, nevertheless, continued to deny Hunter Biden’s guilt this week and claimed that then-candidate Joe Biden didn’t mislead the public when he said his son was innocent and blamed Russia for the tale.

The Politico writer Turley complained on The Hill that the Biden administration and the media are attempting to argue that while Hunter Biden sold access to his father, his father was not involved, despite abundant proof to the contrary. He suggests the need for a special counsel outside of political influence:

“The issue is that President Biden had no need to ask: Hunter Biden did not have anything to trade but influence. All the president had to do was be available — allow his family to conduct face-to-face meetings and photo ops.”

“And that leads us to the impossible position of [Attorney General] Garland.”

“It’s difficult to even think of a stronger case for a special counsel. Any effort to look into Hunter Biden’s activities will lead investigators to numerous indications of how the president could have benefited from those scams. At the same time, the president is “totally” standing by his affirmation that his son did nothing wrong or made any money from China.”

Turley has also pointed to statements by Pres. Joe Biden, that was reported recently by the NY Times, about Pres. Joe Biden wanting Garland to be more aggressive in pursuing Trump.

“These are remarks made to staff that were then leaked to the press in order to get to Garland. That permits the media to claim that Joe Biden never said it directly to Garland, but rather that the statement was transmitted via them. “ Turley remarked on Twitter.

There is reason to believe that Biden’s and Garland’s political roles may have influenced their investigations — going against a Biden-Garland promise to keep the Department of Justice above politics and casting doubt on the Hunter Biden inquiry, without a special counsel.

Author: Scott Dowdy