Biden’s Mandates Spark Chaos On The Global Scale

Anti-lockdown protests have now turned into a more common sight in Australia after the latest set of “snap” lockdowns started two months ago.

Initially, these lockdowns were meant to last only a week. But months after, with tensions high, millions of Australian citizens are enraged by the government’s vaccine requirements and lockdowns.

And although Aussie health officials have acknowledged their “COVIDZero” strategy is not actually feasible, frustrations within the Australian public are increasing (perhaps made worse by the nation’s latest diplomatic mess up, which angered the French and caused PM Scott Morrison to look as he stabbed President Macron in the back.

This Tuesday in Melbourne, officials were forced to confront a blaze of public anger as people executed what was called a very “dangerous maneuver” by going onto a freeway and stopping traffic in a tactic that some Americans may remember from last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests.

Thousands converged on Melbourne for a second day this Tuesday, with shocking video showing dozens going onto the West Gate Freeway right into the path of vehicles. Traffic on the road, which is the busiest highway section in Australia, was forced to come to a stop in both directions as police attempted to disperse the crowd of people.

Footage via social media revealed protesters throwing glass and flares at police, while some went to officers with their hands up, saying “you serve us.” One was heard yelling “this is our bridge.”

The police replied by using tear gas and shooting rubber bullets. They were videoed telling the crowd to move using loudspeakers. In response, a large chorus of men could be heard yelling, “everyday” in response, implying they would protest every day until they get their demands met.

Organizers who mostly used the messaging app Telegram, said that “Victorian Workers Rally For Freedom” said the events would keep going until victory was achieved.

“Bring your family and friends in support. Wear work gear, food and drinks,” they told attendees through Telegram.

Elsewhere, mounted police were filmed as an announcement informing protesters to move using a loud speaker.

The government in Victoria estimated over 20K people went to the protest this Tuesday after the two-week shutdown announcement Monday night. Many of the people who participated were union workers and tradesmen responding to the latest business shutdown.

Author: Steven Sinclaire