Biden’s Mental Decline On Full Display, Watch It Here…

President Biden was not sure what he was saying while giving a vaccine update.

He announced that 200 million vaccinations were given and that his American Rescue Plan would cover a paid leave tax credit to those who get the vaccine.

President Biden asked employers to give their employees who get the vaccine any time off they need, as well as recovery time for any reactions.

“No American should suffer because they carried out their patriotic duty., Biden said. Our tax dollars are paying for this.

Biden then talked about a woman who owned a hair salon who was pushing vaccination to her employees. But he got into some hot water since he was unable to speak well.

He was reading from a teleprompter, as he usually does, but was visibly having problems reading or maybe seeing it. He squinted and moved closer, as you can see below.

Biden stated that the salon owner was “dedicated to getting her employers vaccinated.” He then corrected himself and said “employees.”

“So when they leave the saloon, the receptionist…” he continued, then realizing he messed up. He tried to laugh it off. “The saloon? The salon. They might be going to a saloon, I don’t know.”

This shows he cannot speak without a teleprompter. But even with one, he trips over himself when he attempts to read it.

More than that, he seems to be reading the teleprompter without understanding what he is reading. This time he caught it and was able to spin it. Many times, he doesn’t catch it.

One of these moments, proving President Biden has never shopped in a Kroger, or as he says a “Krugger.”

Author: Blake Ambrose

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