Biden’s Overseas Campaign Quickly Turns Into Disaster

Remember when the mainstream media informed us that our allies and enemies around the world were all laughing at us when President Trump was calling the shots? Well, some of those people are really laughing now — if they aren’t flat out angry.

One British leader reportedly said President Biden was “senile” this week as he starts his first trip as commander in chief to go to the G-7 meeting in the U.K.

It was reported that the globalist Democrat had already caused a stir in Britain, getting involved in a dispute involving Brexit, the EU and sausage.

Basically, the EU blocks chilled meats from being imported into its member countries, and Britain is not a part of the EU anymore. So the United Kingdom is not enforcing the sausage blockade against Northern Ireland, leading certain groups to find themselves fighting over the situation.

Here comes Biden, who can not even manage a border on this side of the ocean.

The president showed “great concern” over Britain’s management of the trade dispute and ordered Americas diplomat inside the U.K. to pretty much censure London — agreeing with the EU by doing so.

One politician in Parliament — described by some reports only as a “conservative Brexiteer” — had tough words for Joe Biden this Thursday.

“America should not forget who their allies are,” the MP said. “Unfortunately Biden is so senile he probably will not remember this anyway. Unless an aide is there I am not certain he will remember for long.”

Brexit leader and Trump ally Nigel Farage also went for Biden.

“We now have a US President that is anti-British. I hope all those people who condemned Trump see how stupid they were,” Farage tweeted.

If our allies have such wonderful things to say about Joe Biden, imagine what our adversaries are saying in private meetings.

In just months, Biden has flubbed this nation’s affairs to a point where our border is the center of a mass flood of criminals and dangerous elements, inflation is out of control and unemployed Americans are making money by doing nothing while businesses experience a labor shortage.

Meanwhile large corporate titans like Black Rock are allegedly buying up homes all over America, making home ownership a dead dream for many Americans.

One might make a compelling case that Biden is not qualified to weigh in on an overseas sausage dispute.

Author: Blake Ambrose