Biden’s Reckless Photo-Op Guarantees The Murder Of Multiple Americans

President Biden’s admin.s was harshly slammed this weekend for, among many reasons, seemingly revealing the existence of CIA operations inside Qatar, a small nation in the Arabian Peninsula.

To deal with growing anger over Joe Biden’s muted response to the fast collapse of Afghanistan and the victory of the Taliban, the White House published a photo of Biden sitting in a room at Camp David, where he is continuing to stay during his planned vacation.

“This morning, the President and VP met with their senior officials and national security team to hear updates on the removal of civilians from Afghanistan, evacuations of SIV applicants and other allies, and the ongoing security in the country,” the White House said in the tweet.

Unfortunately for them, the photo only led to more condemnation.

The White House’s communications dept., which was most probably responsible for the picture, did not remove the locations of people with whom Joe Biden was meeting with through teleconference.

Two of the screens had especially revealing labels: “CIA” and “Doha Station,” the later possibly a reference to a secret American intel. outpost in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

“Hell of a job, White House comm. shop. I figure you would crop out the teleconference screens showing ‘CIA” and “Doha Station,'” Jim Geraghty from the National Review said. “You panicking amateur idiots.”

Not only did the Biden team seemingly reveal CIA operations in Qatar — without even trying to cover the faces of the operators there — but social media users quickly found another issue with the photo.

The clocks over the teleconference screens, giving the time in major cities across various time zones, were not right.

Specifically, the clocks showed a three-hour time difference between Moscow and London. However, those cities are just two hours apart during this time of the year.

Russia, in fact, stopped following Daylight Savings Time back in 2014. This means that when the UK observes DST in the fall and summer, the time between Moscow and London is only two hours, but when London is not following DST in the winter and spring, the two have a three-hour difference.

Explanations for this include the picture being taken before Daylight Savings started in March, or that the clocks at Camp David are all set wrong. The latter option is a more likely possible since there is zero evidence the White House put out a months-old photo.

Author: Blake Ambrose