Biden’s ‘Shadow President’ Finally Revealed… Guess Who?

President Biden has said he had been handed a pre-selected list of journalists and was told which ones to call for during his press conference about the spiraling situation in Afghanistan.

Kayleigh McEnany, who was Trump’s White House press secretary, blasted Biden’s list and mentioned that nothing like this had ever taken place during Trump’s tenure.

“They gave me a list,” President Biden said during his press conference. “The first person I was told to call on is Kelly O’Donnell from NBC.”

McEnany condemned just how closely Biden is being guiding regarding how to handle the press, saying via Twitter that, “As White House Media Secretary, I NEVER told President Trump to call on any list of reporters. President Trump would make choices for himself, speak right to the American people, and achieve peace through strength…”

Biden was widely slammed for his performance at this media conference; Fox News reporter Greg Gutfeld asked jokingly, “Who instructed him? Was that the Taliban too?”

Joe Biden went on to ask questions of numerous journalists, at last landing on Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy and going into a fiery exchange during which he bent over his mic in what seemed to be a moment of exasperation. As The Daily Wire has reported:

“Biden took the question at the end, smiling and describing Doocy as ‘the most interesting man in the media.’”

“There was not been a single service member killed in Afghanistan since Feb. of 2020,” Doocy started. “You set a date, you removed troops, you sent troops back, and now 12 of them are dead. Do you have any responsibility for how things have happened in the past two weeks?”

Biden said he has responsibility for “fundamentally everything that has happened of late,” but then tried to blame former President Trump for the disaster. He repeated his accusations that the Trump White House forced his withdrawal from the country on a timeline but did not mention his own admin. moved the timeline up after setting the 9/11 as the date for withdrawal.

Biden then seemingly challenged Doocy to understand what he was saying about Trump. “Do you remember it?”

“Trump is not president right now,” Doocy said in response as Biden tried to interject. “I know, but I was just extrapolating since — and I don’t believe the issue is — do you believe that people have issues with getting out of Afghanistan giving how things have happened?”

Biden then bent over and closed his eyes in a display of irritation with Doocy’s hard questioning.

Author: Scott Dowdy